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As of 26 September 2023, the River Murray System is fully regulated for the first time since 2021. Under dry conditions, all irrigation and environmental water demands will be met by releasing water from storages. 

This website aims to give an overview only of flow and storage information for the River Murray System. Please note that some sites may be off-line and no data is shown.

For information from other catchments please contact your relevant state water agency. More information is available at Who does what in the catchments.

Flow to South Australia (Calculated) Murray

This site is a water accounting site for measuring flows to South Australia. During regulated conditions, the flow recorded at this site is the sum of flows at downstream of Lock 7 (site 426200A) and Mullaroo Offtake at Lock 7 (414211A) minus the Lindsay River Allowance.


22,495 ML/Day

26/09/2023 09:00

Dissolved Oxygen


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Water level











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